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Achieving the desired success requires patience and persistence. Your goals need time. You must study, improve yourself, go towards your target with patience. With a deeper thinking you'll see the importance of your life.

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About us

The New York Westom Educational Association is a leading Distance Learning Provider, offering a route to study for anyone who wants to gain a new skill or qualification--------------

Our Values

We honor our shared values by holding ourselves and each other accountable for:1. Dedication to Public Service and Higher Education To demo nstrate our values we-------------

Our Vision

To realize our vision, we will focus on student learning and success, promoting learning through accessible education, personalized service, adaptive and innovative teaching--------------

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About Us

The New York Westom Educational Association is a leading Distance Learning Provider, offering a route to study for anyone who wants to gain a new skill or qualification, but finds the traditional, classroom-based mode of study unsuitable.

Distance learning is an ideal way to learn around your current time and financial commitments, no matter how diverse and unpredictable your schedule is. The New York Westom Educational Association not only study when it suits you and in your own time, but you can be sure of receiving all the advice and support you require as your studies develop. Because of our continuous system of enrolments, Students can enrol any time of year, and our flexible distance learning courses allow students to plan their studies to fit in their life style or work commitments. All of our students have access to their own personal distance learning course tutor who specialises in their field of education and is totally committed to helping you succeed in your home learning course.

New York Westom Educational Association has developed quality, flexible and open distance learning materials for adults and continues to invest in the development of innovative learning systems, from first levels certificate to degree and professional training programmes.

New York Westom Educational Association works in conjunction with other institutions to bring the student the most comprehensive learning materials in order to support the student in fulfilling their academic aims.

New York Westom Educational Association offers the student a flexible approach to learning which makes education possible for those who may otherwise not be able to complete a programme due to geographical restrictions and work or home-life commitments. It also benefits those who prefer to be in control of their studies.

There has been a gradual but noticeable shift in the higher education axis. No longer is "go west" the automatic cry, even for those studying science and technology. Increasingly, it is "come east" to experience world-class global education and research.

The great expansion and rise of Asia's higher education globally has been fueled and advanced by the region's growing role in the world economy and the need to sustain and build on this economic role and social development. It has been fostered by prescient planners, and public and private investment; recognition of the significance of research as a driver of the knowledge economy; awareness that a 21st-century education involves much more than simple transmission of knowledge; early adoption of internationalization and a global strategic view; and the hard-working, high-aspiring dreams of people in this region.

The Asia city offers a unique combination of advantages: the rule of law, a low tax system, free flow of information, a bilingual pool of professionals, academic freedom, top infrastructure, and government support. Such an environment encourages leading minds to assemble or return home, attracts and facilitates global academic and industry partnerships, and draws the attention of young high flyers everywhere. As part of the Pearl River Delta and given China's huge developmental opportunities, the Asia city's location is also an incentive for discovery and enterprise in science, engineering and technology.

The theme of the summit on innovation nurturing is particularly relevant to Asian universities because they tend to be younger and technology based, and thus more ready and receptive to change. But where do Asia and the global university community go in the next two decades? These years ahead promise an unprecedented growth in the human knowledge base in the wake of the revolution brought by computing and information technology. How are we to foster innovation and creativity relevant to rapidly evolving needs and what impact will such speed have on us as educators?

Today, technology provides many different ways for students to learn: the flipped and interactive classrooms of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), for example; or independently through the internet.

How can our teaching mission optimize such technology while retaining the essential elements that a human teacher conveys, such as insight, personal experience, inspiration, and a passion for learning? How are universities, as institutions, going to rise to the challenge of a world in which knowledge – our raison d'etre – changes faster than the time it takes to get together to discuss the original development?

New York Westom Educational Association, we are often regarded as a rapid-mover in the world of higher education. But we recognize we have to be faster and even more flexible in the future!

We have chosen five strategic focus areas of research, in addition to our broad base of academic disciplines, to take the University into the new era: namely data science, sustainability, public policy, autonomous systems, as well as design thinking and entrepreneurship. Within each, basic research will be joined by innovation and cross-disciplinary perspectives to tackle the complex issues encompassed in these broad domains. As a whole, the five strategic will also help to provide fresh insight and pathways in our other fields of exploration and our education.

Our Values

We honor our shared values by holding ourselves and each other accountable for:

1.Dedication to Public Service and Higher Education To demonstrate our values we…

a. Commit ourselves to student learning and success

b. Embrace the wide-ranging mission of the community college

c. Meet or exceed professional standards of practice and ethics

d. Champion the principles of academic freedom and intellectual honesty

e. Foster innovation, creativity, and flexibility in our efforts to offer exemplary education and service

f. Regularly evaluate our practice and make changes to better support those who are underserved

2. Commitment to Life-long Learning To demonstrate our values we…

a. Assess our work rigorously and reflectively to improve our knowledge

b. Improve our practices and behaviors as we learn better ways of working

c. Take thoughtful risks to acquire new perspectives and skills

d. Create a learning environment in which each learner is welcomed, encouraged and supported

3. The Practice of Civil and Constructive Discourse and Respect for Diversity To demonstrate our values we…

a. Exemplify civility as a hallmark of our institution

b. Appreciate and listen to one another with respect for our differences

c. Acknowledge that our own cultural conditioning influences our perceptions of other people

d. Are open-minded problem solvers who manage conflicts proactively and effectively

4. Quest for Community and Environmental Health To demonstrate our values we…

a. Contribute to the wellbeing and sustainability of our community

b. Serve as stewards of our environment

c. Study and model choices and practices that enhance environmental health, economic vitality, and social justice

5. The Thoughtful Use of Our Finite Resources, including Ourselves To demonstrate our values we…

a. Empower employees to assert leadership and engage in institutional decision making

b. Develop, prioritize and communicate our goals collaboratively

c. Identify, share, and make the most effective use of our resources

d. Work together to accomplish our tasks and achieve the college mission

e. Strive for a balanced work environment in which we are efficient and competent, but also kind and friendly

Our Vision

I. Our students are life-long learners in a global society.

To realize our vision, we will focus on student learning and success, promoting learning through accessible education, personalized service, adaptive and innovative teaching, and an ongoing commitment to academic excellence.

II. Our employees are empowered to achieve the college mission.

To realize our vision, we will appreciate and value our employees, providing opportunities to enhance professional skills, encouraging learning and advancement, and prioritizing and sharing institutional resources.

III. Our community recognizes the college as its cornerstone of learning.

To realize our vision, we will develop strong community partnerships and fulfill our role as a cultural center, enriching those we serve by creating relevant educational options and bringing a diverse array of activities to the region.

Our mission

To establish a network of people whose focus is to provide support and cooperative programs and activities through videoconferencing and other distance learning technologies for the betterment of education, local economies, and the community To collaborate with educational institutions, cultural centers, community groups, service organizations, and government agenciesTo share knowledge, experiences, and information concerning strategies and technologies for the advancement of distance learning


We believe that the New York Westom Educational Association will be a leader among Institute as it becomes known for meeting challenges while it advances knowledge and understanding. We will not only be the best of Institute. We will be respected for our knowledge of the world and for our understanding of the complexities of our region in its cultural, socioeconomic and scientific dimensions, which we will articulate according to international standards of science and scholarship. We will be recognized for our centrality in the development of New York Westom Educational Association knowledge-based society in a knowledge-based global economy.